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Fun Run Info

North Bay Rotaract, with the help of Arcata High Interact, are proud to invite community members to our Fourth Annual 5K Fun Run.

Our fundraising focus this year is to support two very wonderful groups: Wild Souls Ranch and Special Olympics. Your sponsorship of our event will help these non-profits as they continue giving back to those in need, making our community a better place.

The 5K Fun Run will consist of color throwing stations as well as encouragement signs and interactions along the route with music from Iron Fyah Sound, food, games, face painting, and a Dutch raffle at Perigot Park. Raffle tickets will also be available for sale during the event.

North Bay Rotaract’s purpose is to provide opportunities for young men and women to enhance knowledge and skills that will assist in personal and professional development, to enhance the physical and social needs of the community through volunteer opportunities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

We look forward to hosting this all ages event and encourage runners to dress in their Halloween costumes. The crazier the better! Iron Fyah will also be there to help rile up the runners as they dance, run or walk their way to the finish line. 

Thanks again for choosing to attend the Fifth Annual 5k Fun Run! We can't wait to see your smiling faces, creative attire, and killer moves!

Register by Sunday October 7th, 2018 to receive your runner's T-shirt!  If you register after this day, you will not receive a complimentary event T-shirt.

Registration Packet pick-ups will be held on Thursday, October 25th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Plaza Grill in the pit room, located in Jacoby Storehouse, 780 7th Street, Arcata, CA 95521 AND at Perigot Park on race day beginning at 9:00 am.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an avid runner to do this?

No! The Fun Run is not a qualifying run and is very casual. It’s a day of fun with friends and family. Everyone is welcome to come whether you Walk, Run, Dance or just join us at the park for the festivities!

How does a “Fun Run Team” work compared with a solo runner?

Each person will register as a solo runner. However, it is highly encouraged for Fun
Runners to round up a group of friends together, dress in creative attire, and have fun running, skipping, and dancing with us...the more the merrier!

What is included with my Fun Run registration?

Each registered runner will receive a 2018 Fun Run Packet. The packet includes a T-Shirt, runners bib, and surprise swag all wrapped up in a Murphy’s Market swag bag! Registration must be completed by Sunday October 7th to guarantee an event shirt.


Is North Bay Rotaract a non-profit organization?

North Bay Rotaract is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise and the Rotary Club of Arcata Noon. North Bay Rotaract is run by young professionals under the umbrella of the Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise, a non-profit organization.


What is The NBR 5k Fun Run benefiting?

This “Run for a Cause” will be benefiting our local non-profits; including Wild Souls Ranch and the Special Olympics of Humboldt. 

Can I run with a jogging stroller, or pets?

Yes, you can bring a jogging stroller. Just keep in mind the terrain will be a little rough with gravel along the levy loop section of the route. For the safety of our runners and other animal friends, please keep pets at home (service animals need to be kept on a leash).

Is there an age limit for younger runners?

There are no age limits. If they can cover (running, jogging, walking, dancing) the three miles
of The Fun Run course, they can absolutely participate. And if they don’t prefer to participate in the running section, events at the park will be happening during the race up until 3:00 pm.

Is there a packet pick up for the event? How does all that work?

Yes. There will be two separate dates for packet pick up. The first is on Thursday, October 25th at 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Plaza Grill within the Jacoby Storehouse in Arcata. The second date is on the actual day of the event at 9:00 am. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PICK UP YOUR PACKET(S) ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

No. Each runner will need to pick up their own packet, as there will be a Liability Waiver that will need to be signed before runners can receive their packet.

Will the stations at the Fun Run ruin clothes or running shoes?

The Fun Run consists of four color throwing stations along the route where runners/walkers can participate in getting environmentally safe color thrown on their white shirts. For the most part, all the sweat and color should wash out. However, since we cannot guarantee that 100% of the color and sweat will wash out, we advise that runners wear clothes that you would not mind staying fun and colorful! If you would like to request that the color not be thrown on you, please let a member know during packet pick-ups so you can be given “caution” tape to wear during the run.

Does the Fun Run “Color Stations” affect runner vision? Or breathing?

The color powder used at The Fun Run event is all certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes. Some Fun Runners opt to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for their mouths.

How does the color affect the inside of cars?

Most people bring some towels for the insides of their cars or a change of clothes just in case.

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the color zones?

Most people opt to put their phone or camera in a zip lock bag, so the item is not harmed by color or water, but can still take fun pictures!

Is the NBR 5k Fun Run timed?

The Fun Run is not a timed event and we encourage all participants to take their time to enjoy all the color stations and beautiful route through town and along the Mad River. We suggest self- timing for anyone desiring a finish time.


Are there refunds?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the event there will be no refunds. If you signup and are unable to attend please contact us and we will ensure you receive your event shirt (if you signed up prior to May 31st).


What happens if there is bad weather?

Bad weather does not stop us from having fun here in Humboldt! The Fun Run is a rain or shine event.


If you have any further questions, email us at: nbrotaract@gmail.com 


Fun Run Route